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Why Telangana moment is going on?

History of Telangana.

After 2 years of independence of India on 17 of September 1949 telangana was liberated from dictatorship of Nizam rulers. For the next 8 years Telangana remained as separate state with lavish of its sound wealth, infrastructure and resources. Mean while in the year 1953 Andhra State got separated from Madras with capital city as Kurnool. From the day one of formation, it was struggling for wealth, infrastructure and resources. (Lack of infrastructure like building for running assembly, secretariat, high court etc.,. government Offices in various districts used to run under Canvas tents. Office files were attacked by rains, pigs and stray dogs frequently(Seems strange but true..! Source: Andhrapathrika daily news paper of those times), even they had separate budget to face these issues).

After facing kind of problems they though of shifting the capital city of Andra state. But almost all the parts of the state were in similar situation. Resource hungry Andhra State started taking steps to get united with the Telangana state, main reason being Hyderabad. Let see what made those leader have interest in merging states and have capital as Hyderabad to Central Government and making it as "Vishalandhra"

Hyderabad had strong and beautiful infrastructure built by Telangana people Centuries before the merging of states.

1. Railway stations like Secunderabad, Nampally and Kachiguda Railway.
2. Buildings like Assembly, Secretariat, High Court and many more.
3. Airports like Begumpet and hakimpet airports (Was built in year 1937. Source:
4. Hospitals like Osmania, Gandhi, Cancer and Nilopar.
5. Schools like Vevaka vardini, Alliaya and Osmania
6. Colleges like Osmania univercity, city college and Women's college.
7. Huge Markets places like Abids, Mozam gunj and Monda market
8. Like no were in country at the time Hyderabad city had drainage system.
9. For people of hyderabad 24 hours drinking water driven from rivers like Husman Sagar and Himayath Sagar.

But the people of telangana were not ready to merge with Andra State because they already much bitter experience with by Nizam governance for the past 300 years. So people of telangana expressed their dislike to merger with Andhra State with the fear exploitation and repetition of history by Andhra governance, submitted their interest to Central Government's of those times. Understanding the intention behind the Vishalandhra, first prime minister of India JAWAHARLAL NEHURU on October 2, 1953 has also said that "Vishalandhra is an idea bearing a taint of expansionist imperialism". State Reorganization Commission (SRC) also accepted that merging may be threat to Telangana's Development. They suggested Telangana should be continued as Separate State in the year 1956.

But against to the interest and will of Telangana people and with illogical and politics manipulations of Andhra leaders two states were merged to form ANDHRA PRADESH on November 1, 956. To safe guard and to ensure the the development of Telangana region "GENTLEMEN'S AGREEMENT 1956" was made. Salient feature of it was to Provision of Domicile Rules(which means Reservering the income from Telangana for regional development).

Understanding the potential issue which may come up in future JAWAHARLAL NEHURU on March 6, 1956 said that "It is like a matrimonial alliance having scope for divorce if it did not work".

Burning Problems of Telangana

1. Ramagundam thermal power plant capacity of 62.5 MW, which as potential resouces for expansion govt does not show any interest in expansion of this plant in spite of several request and report submitted by engineers regarding ample quanity of availability of Coal and water in region. But Thermal power plant capacity was 210 MW, first phase expansion is completed of capacity 210 MW and second phase expansion of another 210 MW is about to be completed.

2. Freedom from Nalgonda Flouride water. Permissible limit of flouride content in water is 1.5 ppm (mg/l) above which is not safer. Ground water of Nalgonda flouride contain has reached above 4 ppm (mg/l). A child born in Nalgonda District will have stained and mangled teeth by the age of ten and bones eroded by the disintegration of calcium by twenty. By mid thirties bone deformation occurs which make leg and hand bones to get weaker, brittle and curved. They may some times need supporting stick to walk, you can imagine how much this could impact on there life's. It is estimated that more than 3,00,000 are suffering already (Nagarjun sagar is located very much closer to this region but Govt cant figure to provide minimun needs this region).

3. Two major rivers Godavari and Krishna enter state from Telangana. With this water Telangana Govt(Govt before merging of Andhra and Telangana states) was planing to build excelent project on this rivers like Upper Krishna, Tungabhadra left canal, Godavari valley project, Devanur and Ichhampalli, potentially which could serve 75 lakhs acres of irrigation land. After merging all this project came to halt. In the year 1956 Surface water irrigation was 20 lakhs acres not becasue of project been concentrated in andhra region surface water irrigation is 12 lakhs acres. Farmer of Telangana can only do irrigation by drilling borewells

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